Altislife is dealing mainly in Ayurvedic formulations. The company’s focus is on developing standardized and researched herbal healthcare products to help people lead a rich and healthier life. The company wants to be a leading international herbal healthcare organization.

Our effort is to research, develop and produce quality medicines under controlled conditions from source to packaging. Our aim is:-

*To spread the knowledge base of Indian herbs and plants.

*To raise the standards of Ayurvedic medicine from an Alternative therapy to a mainline medical option, especially among leading Medical Practitioners.

*To convey that these medicines are available without life threatening side effects.

*To raise confidence of Medical Practitioners who have had bad experience of coming across fake medicines.

*The products are already selling in most of the states of India like Assam, Andhra Pradesh,  Bengal, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Delhi,  Haryana, Jharkhand, J&K, Karnataka, Maharashtra, M.P.,  Odisha, Punjab, Tamilnadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh and  Uttrakhand. The products have been very well accepted by medical profession in the country. Still talks are on for deeper penetration  so that quality products are available for all needy people. The products range includes wide  range of pharmaceutical formulations in capsules, tablets, oils, gel and syrups. The range is  being regularly updated with the introduction of new products through regular market survey  and feedback.

*We are also in services of providing manufacturing facilities for Ayurvedic products through our  associated company.

*We also want to be one of the alternate in providing naturopathy as a way of life, providing  holistic, preventive healthcare through Herbal Recharge clinics.





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